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Develop your skills as a river ambassador for your community

and make connections with other river-based people.

The 2019 Ríos to Rivers’ Pacific Northwest Exchange Program brings a unique energy to the efforts to protect wild rivers in a productive and positive manner that focuses on river-connected youth. Rios to Rivers will bring indigenous and non-indigenous youth from selected communities within the Colorado, Elwha, Klamath, Salmon and Snake river basins to the Elwha and Klamath Rivers in summer of 2019. You will be joined by a small group of Rios to Rivers alumni from Chile and Bolivia, who will share their experiences with recent dam construction on their home rivers.

Applications must be completed by June 12th, 2019

Details of the Exchange


Dates: July 12th - 31st, 2019


Students from the following river-sheds are eligible to apply: Klamath, Elwha, Snake, Salmon, Colorado


Age range of students: 15-18


Why: Bringing indigenous and non-indigenous youth together to develop their skills as stewards for their rivers.


Where: The Elwha and Klamath River Basins


Cost: Each student is asked to contribute to fundraising efforts. Ríos to Rivers raises the funds to pay for trip expenses. No one is turned away for lack of ability to pay.


Applications must be completed by June 12th, 2019


Questions email:

Details of the Exchange


The exchange will start on July 12th, 2019 in the Elwha River Basin (Port Angeles, Washington) and end July 31st, at the mouth of the Klamath River (Requa, California). We will spend the first five days in the Elwha River Watershed learning about one of the largest river restoration projects in history that occurred with the removal of two large dams in 2014. We will meet with members of the Lower Elwha Tribe, other local people influenced by the dams and their removal, fisheries biologists, and advocates for river restoration.


From Port Angeles, Washington, we will travel to Chiloquin, Oregon, where we will visit Crater Lake, a headwater source of the Klamath River. The Klamath Tribes’ Youth Council will host our tour of the Upper Klamath Basin, where we will tour both the agricultural development that has degraded the water quality of the basin, as well as learn about the restoration and conservation efforts aimed at improving water quality and aquatic habitat. Moving downriver, we will tour the four hydroelectric dams, slated for removal in 2021, which will be the largest dam removal in history when completed. Further downriver, we will spend four days rafting the Middle-Klamath River between Happy Camp and Somes Bar, California. The final three days of the exchange will commemorate with cultural activities and a multi-day float ending at the Klamath River Estuary, hosted by Yurok Tribal members and former participants of Rios to Rivers. Over the three weeks, you will camp nightly, hike, and float the rivers beside other youth who are deeply connected to their home rivers. You will learn about about the water quality, health of native fish, effects of dams, plans for restoration, and how you can use you can be an ambassador and steward for your river.

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