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Support Ríos to Rivers Bold Vision:

When the largest dam removal in history takes place on the Klamath River in 2021, Ríos to Rivers will bring youth representatives from 21 basins though-out the World to the Klamath River to witness the dam removals and the beginning of the river’s recovery.




-Youth will learn about the balances and trade-offs of hydro-power and dams on large rivers on the Klamath and beyond, while gaining a global perspective of the threats to rivers and the resulting impacts on the people who depend on these rivers.


-Youth return to their communities and imperiled rivers with stories and first-hand accounts of the largest dam removal in history.


-Ongoing activities and local exchanges leading up to the international dam removal event prepares youth for an international experience, engages many additional youth during local exchanges, and empowers these youth as spokespersons and stewards for their endangered rivers.


-Press is generated in each of the communities and countries around the students’ participation in the dam-removal exchange.


-These exchanges provide a platform for organizations and communities with similar goals and missions to collaborate on positive and rewarding endeavors that support youth from their communities.


We need your support as we conduct a series of regional preparatory exchanges.


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