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       In January, 2011, Weston Boyles, Chris Hassig, Erin Case and Jenna Harris decided to float the Baker River in Patagonia, Chile. With the impending threat of two dams on the Baker, the group knew there might never be another chance to float its turquoise waters and meet the families that live along its banks.

       With basic information from friends who’d boated the river before, a homemade map traced from Google Maps satellite images, two 40+ year old Klepper folding kayaks, and a video camera, the group set off on their adventure. A trip that takes the Escualos 2-3 days to complete became an 11 day odyssey, first due to high winds that impeded progress downriver, and then due to the warm generosity of the Monsilla, Muñoz, and Sandoval families, who hosted the group and introduced them to the ways of the river.

       When Weston, Chris, Erin, and Jenna arrived at the Sandovals’ property on a rainy afternoon, they encountered the extended Sandoval family in the midst of a birthday celebration that they were immediately invited to join. At the celebration they met 14-year old Sebastian Vargas, a member of the Escualos, who told them about the club.

       On return to Cochrane, Weston met with Roberto Haro and was invited to float again in just five days. With Jenna and Erin continuing north and the arrival of Weston’s brother Morgan, the new trio hastily reassembled their gear and joined the Escualos on the river.  After the trip, with Morgan moving on to study at the Universidad Austral de Chile, and Chris returning home, Weston remained in Cochrane to further interview the club, document their activities, and edit the film.

  • WESTON BOYLES           Director    •    Camera    •    Editor    •   Producer

    A freelance filmmaker from the mountains of Western Colorado, Weston Boyles grew up making sports adventure films & fund raising films for conservation organizations. An experienced climber, kayaker, skier, and outdoorsman, Weston has long had a passion for the natural environment and its protection.  Weston first visited Chilean Patagonia in 1993 at the age of seven, and has since has the opportunity to visit and explore Patagonia on five other occasions. Weston has edited over 20 films in the past ten years and filmed for a variety of clients including the Aspen Institute, Pitkin County Open Space and Trails, Professional Ski Instructors of America, and Prada. Weston has a bachelor’s degree in environmental design from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Weston is currently setting up an exchange program between Club Nautico Escualo and Grand Canyon YouthWildWoodFilms.com

  • MORGAN BOYLES           Camera

    Morgan Boyles is currently a senior at Middlebury College, pursuing a degree in Environmental History. He is a highly accomplished climber, skier, and kayaker. He is president of Ski Patrol at the Middlebury College Snow Bowl. In 2008, Morgan accompanied his father Edgar to the remote region of Mustang, Nepal to film the National Geographic documentary Secrets of Shangri-la, about ancient Buddhist cave art. Morgan studied abroad at the Universidad Austral de Chile in Valdivia last spring and has first ascents on four Patagonian peaks.

  • EDGAR BOYLES               Camera

    Emmy award winning cameraman & Director of Photography, Edgar Boyles films Features, Documentaries and Commercials in 35mm, 16mm, & all video formats.  A mountain pilot, based in Aspen, Colorado, Edgar also provides Location Scouting through out the Western Region.  His specialties include: Skiing, Mountaineering, Kayaking, & Aerial Photography.  Edgar has  40 years of experience filming in mountainous & remote locations.  Edgar provided many of the beautiful scenics seen in the beginning of LOS ESCUALOS. Edgar is Weston & Morgan's Father.  www.WildWoodFilms.com

  • CHRIS HASSIG                  Maps   •   Audio

    Chris Hassig is an artist from Carbondale, Colorado who specializes in creating highly detailed drawings in pen and ink. He also occasionally works in watercolor, as he did in creating the maps for LOS ESCUALOS. Like Weston, he has extensive experience exploring the mountains and deserts of the West, and shares his environmental ethic. Chris has a bachelors degree in Architecture and Environmental Studies from Middlebury College in Vermont. He has worked on a turf farm, as a ski lift operator, and as campaign manager for an innovative clean energy financing program ballot initiative in Pitkin County while also continuing his artwork. This was his second trip to Chile after studying abroad there in 2007.  ChrisHassig.wordpress.com

  • NICASIO LUNA                  Music

    Seventeen year old Nicasio Luna is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Cochrane, Chile.  Trovador del Baker (Troubadour of The Baker) Nicasio's music reflects the beauty and culture of the region of Aysén.  He performs though out Aysén and has shared his music at many gatherings related to the protection of the Baker and Pascua Rivers.  His most recent album is Todo Pasa Por Algo.

    Nicasio's Blog: TrovadorDelBaker.blogspot.com

  • DANIEL BELTRÁ              Conservation Photos

    Born in Madrid, Spain, Daniel Beltrá is a photographer based in Seattle, Washington. His passion for conservation is evident in images of our environment that are evocatively poignant. The most striking large-scale photographs by Beltrá are images shot from the air. This perspective gives the viewer a wider context to the beauty and destruction he witnesses, as well as revealing a delicate sense of scale. After two months of photographing the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Spill, he produced many visually arresting images of the man-made disaster. His SPILL exhibit premiered in August 2010, toured around the globe in 2011 and will continue into 2012.  www.DanielBeltra.com

Weston Boyles & Chris Hassig 2012

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