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To inspire the protection of rivers through river-running, hands-on education, and the support of outdoor programs.

With a focus on education and cultural exchange, we aim to give students the information and tools they need to form

their own conclusions and become knowledgeable spokespeople for the world's rivers and the people who depend on them.

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THIS AUGUST, 2017 Ríos to Rivers' students completed the first half of an exchange between Oregon and California's Klamath River and the Río Baker in Patagonia, Chile. Four dams are slated to be removed from the Klamath River in 2020, resulting in the largest dam removal in history. Meanwhile, plans to construct large hydro-dams on the Ríos Baker and Pascua persist.


IN FEBRUARY of 2018, Ríos to Rivers will bring a delegation of eight Klamath River youth to Chile to share their experiences with dams, degraded water quality, habitat loss, as well as, share their love for their river and traditions. They will also paddle the un-dammed, pristine Río Baker from source to sea along side the same Chilean students whom they introduced to the Klamath.


Our goal is to spark a conversation regarding: Why are we removing dams on one side of the world much sooner than expected, while we continue to build them on the other side of the world?





The Revolution Will Be Restorative! Ríos to Rivers' students form a traditional Yurok friendship design at the mouth of Blue Creek on the Klamath River

We need your support to make the second half of the Klamath-Patagonia exchange possible


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Los Escualos and Ríos to Rivers Featured on Chilean National TV

Millions of Chileans watched a 25 minute documentary about the Escualos Kayak Club and their trip down the Grand Canyon with Rios to Rivers! The film, which aired on TVN, (Televisión Nacional de Chile) delves into the young kayakers role in protecting their imperiled rivers and the lessons they learned while running the Grand Canyon, and meeting with energy experts, ecologists, politicians and dam builders.


When we first met the young kayakers of the Escualos Kayak Club and saw the love and joy the endangered Río Baker gave them; our hearts were broken. The Baker was slated to be dammed and there seemed little hope of changing this fact. Over the last few years through the dedication of many NGOs, the tireless work of countless volunteers, and support from individuals, including you, the Baker and nearby Pascua rivers run free, for now.


Previous Exchanges

Ríos to Rivers united young kayakers from Patagonia, Chile and Colorado with kayaking expeditions in Chile on the Río Baker and in the US on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. The Chilean kayakers saw for the first time a mega-dam and the resultant impacts on the river. US students experienced the majesty of an undeveloped river flowing through a pristine wilderness. The group learned about the ecological impacts of dams, explored viable renewable energy sources, and took part in cultural exchange.





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Learn about the rivers in peril in Patagonia and the youth kayak club that inspired the creation of Ríos to Rivers:

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