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To inspire the protection of rivers through youth-focused experiential and educational cross-culture exchange programs, where underserved students are empowered to become informed stewards and ambassadors for their rivers and the communities who depend on them.

21  IN  2021

When the largest dam removal in history takes place on the Klamath River in 2021, Ríos to Rivers will bring youth representatives from 21 river basins throughout the world to witness the removal. For these young people, it will be an opportunity to continue their education as river stewards and experience first-hand why functioning dams are being removed to restore the health of a river, fish populations, and the livelihoods of local communities.


How we will achieve this goal?


Since 2013, Ríos to Rivers has been conducting international exchanges in South America and North America between youth who have been or could be effected by the construction of dams. In 2021, we will include youth from Africa, Asia and Europe as well. We are working alongside local communities and organizations to select two committed youth ambassadors from each participating river basin who will then travel to the Klamath dam removal celebration.

Students will then return to their home rivers and share what they witnessed and learned in local events and presentations. The 2021 celebration on the Klamath will send a powerful message both to their own communities and around the world about the value of wild rivers and the importance of fighting for them.

We need your support to make this possible



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